Technical Service Department


Technical Service Department

Every project taken, every request of our customers, is under INDUSTRIAL assurance.

ENDÜSTRİYEL’s basic approach to technical services is to provide the fastest, most reliable, most accurate service to its customers in the most economical way, and it constantly makes investments to improve its services, provide technical service diversity and closely follow the ever-changing and developing technology. .

Our technical service is equipped with all necessary equipment and spare parts. Our company offers a comprehensive technical service against all problems that may arise after the installation and commissioning of our projects.

The warranty begins on the date the projects are delivered to the customer. During the warranty period, malfunctions that may arise from manufacturing, assembly or materials in our projects, repair or complete part replacement and labor related to the malfunction are covered by INDUSTRIAL without charging any fee to the customer.


Fault Response and Repair
While technical services are provided free of charge for our projects that are still under warranty, our technical services continue as spare parts and service for our customers whose warranty coverage has expired.

Our technical services vary as remote access and on-site service. Malfunctions that occur or may occur in factories are primarily intervened with the remote access system, and if the problem cannot be solved remotely, on-site support is provided.

Spare Parts Maintenance and Repair
Our technical service also provides service for our customers’ malfunctioning equipment. These equipment that reach our company are first recorded and fault diagnosed.

Then, the necessary repair procedure is run and the fault of the spare part is eliminated. A report is kept for parts and equipment that cannot be repaired or that are excessively damaged, and the customer is informed. If there is no user error and the warranty period has not expired, the part will be replaced with a new one. User errors and parts whose warranty period has expired are reported to the customer in detail and invoiced.

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