Project Department


Project Department

Review of Customer Requests

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICITY aims to ensure that investor or customer demands are designed in accordance with today’s innovations, using the most efficient and technological equipment, at the most affordable prices provided by market conditions. While projecting the expectations of our customers, we use world-class e-plan, See Electrical and Autocad programs. Panel view drawings, layout plans and P&I diagrams are prepared using the AutoCAD program.


Project Planning of the Electrical System
It consists of an electrical design team that designs power distribution, automation and compensation, PLC control, MCC panels and busbar systems in accordance with technological expectations in accordance with customer requests and prepares electrical projects in e-plan.

As one of the leading companies in the sector, we continue to pioneer both in bringing the world’s developing technologies to our country and in service quality, as we have done so far, while always prioritizing customer satisfaction by providing service under conditions that comply with contemporary and international norms.

Labeling the cable connections between terminals and equipment used in electrical panels provides ease of application and control in project drawings and ensures that all materials and cables are correctly identified.

Labels are prepared with a plotter in accordance with the prepared projects. Cable labels are attached to the cable with plastic covers to prevent the label from falling off the cable. In terminal tags, labeling is applied to different standards depending on the terminal features.

Thanks to the labeling studies carried out in our project department; It provides a high level of project efficiency by providing ease of project tracking and troubleshooting.

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