Field & Assembly Department


Field & Assembly Department

After our customers’ requests are projected, the manufacturing of these requests begins in our factory and the manufacturing is completed at the end of the planned period. Upon completion of the manufacturing, quality checks are carried out on all machinery, equipment and installation lists that will be sent to the assembly area and assembled. Deficiencies, if any, are eliminated and the projects are ensured to be in the pockets of the machines. Products are packaged and labeled after quality checks. The purpose of labeling is to ensure that the products are used in accordance with the assembly order during field assembly. Otherwise, it is to prevent the absence of products in the assembly area, their incomplete arrival, or confusion that would prevent the installation from being carried out properly.


The materials prepared in this way are shipped to the assembly site. Then the assembly team is planned. The most suitable and experienced technical personnel are assigned to the job to be done. Confirmation of the status of the infrastructure qualifications required for the installation is received from our customer, and if there are no deficiencies, the installation work is started. The machinery, equipment and installation lists arriving at the assembly site are checked and checked for any deficiencies. Good assembly workmanship is one of the most important factors that directly affects system life and system performance. For this reason, the most experienced technical personnel are assigned to the assembly area. Field assembly is initiated in accordance with the flow diagram and in a way that takes into account and meets customer expectations. At each step, the assembly is tested and conformity approval is obtained. While the step-by-step installation work continues, our customer’s technical personnel are also trained on this subject. Information is given on opening and closing the system, its use, working methods, troubleshooting and troubleshooting, and manual use. By running the system for 1 week in this way, any nonconformities are detected and these deficiencies are eliminated while still in the project phase. If there is no problem, a report is kept and delivered to the customer together with the work we have done and the first data obtained. ENDÜSTRİYEL plans to minimize field installation losses with accurate field analysis, correct planning, use of high quality products and meticulous assembly workmanship, and thus, our customer’s expectations from the facility are met without any problems for many years.

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