Automation Department


Automation Department

Industrial automation; It can basically be defined as the automatic control of machines and processes. ENDÜSTRİYEL’s automation solutions are developed on PLC systems, HMI user panels and SCADA imaging technologies. With automation solutions, it is possible to produce serially, quickly and automatically, control, monitor and plan the production with low operating costs and low investment. Controlling production processes by secure software, reading working information online, implementing the process-related workflow flawlessly, and managing critical production operations faster and more efficiently can easily be achieved with automation applications.


PLC Technology
The use of PLC is highly preferred in automation processes. Since the control functions in PLC systems are carried out by software, adaptation to different applications is easy. PLC controls the reliability and fast flow of information between units, the operation of the program can be monitored on the monitor and malfunctions are easy to access. PLC ensures that all steps in a workflow occur at the right time and in the right order.

SCADA and HMI Panels
The constantly increasing expectations of users cause applications to become increasingly complex. It is up to SCADA systems and HMIs to keep the increasing complexity easy to implement and monitor. In addition to providing efficient and fast control in production automation, HMIs also help to minimize possible malfunctions by saving many cabling used in control panels.

INDUSTRIAL has extensive knowledge in automation technologies. We have registered the source and quality of our experience with many professional equipment and monitoring (SCADA) programs such as Hitachi, Phoenix Contact, Fuji Electric, Schneider Electric, Siemens, which have a worldwide market share, as well as WONDERWARE’s INTOUCH and Progea’s MOVICON software programs.

Our automation solutions include system design, project planning, installation, material supply, commissioning and training activities.

While the knowledge and experience we have gained in the field of automation will increase the infrastructure life of your facility, it will also provide your business with significant financial gain, superior performance and safety.

Process Control with Remote Access
With the rapid spread of the Internet and its easy accessibility, remote access opportunities as well as web pages have become much needed and frequently used applications.

Unlimited Application Diversity
Application solutions and diversity in every detail can be provided with operator panels, which are one of the most important devices in industrial facility control. HMIs (operator panels) are interfaces that enable communication and data transfer between the user and systems. Electromechanical systems can be controlled thanks to touch objects and buttons designed on the user-friendly screen.

Our Automation Solutions

Flour-Semolina Mill Automation
Feed Factory Automation
Pasta Production Line Automation
PVC Mixer Dosing Automation
Machinery and Process Automation

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