Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make Flow Balancer Settings and Calibration?

1. To enter the Flow Balancer device menu; The “OK” button is pressed for 3 seconds.

2. After entering the menu, you can switch to the desired parameter with the up and down arrow keys.
3. To perform operations on Flow Balancer, enter the PASWORD parameter in the 4th parameter.
Password must be entered to make settings (Password: 23230)
4. After entering the password, click on the “OK” button to go to the (CALIBRATION SETTINGS) menu in the main menu.
is entered

5. Enter the (Calibration Weight) parameter with the “OK” button and enter the weight value (3000 g).
6. The (Zero Calibration) parameter is entered with the “OK” button (no) (yes) and the “OK” button is pressed (5
seconds) is expected
(Gain Calibration) parameter is entered with the “OK” button, the weight is hung on the LOADCELL sheet (no) (yes).
done, press the “OK” button (5 seconds) and wait.
7. Press the ( ESC ) button twice to exit the menu. Once the MAIN MENU is displayed, press the up ↑ button.
The calibration KG is seen on the SCREEN (3000 gr) The KG is taken from the hanger. The value is (0) on the SCREEN
appears again by pressing the up ↑ key twice to return to the MAIN SCREEN and the calibration is completed.

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