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How to Calibrate the Yield Indicator? EE-W1-02


After correct connection of the device, it must be calibrated correctly.
When calibrating the device, use calibration weights whose accuracy has been approved.
Using it will prevent measurement errors and uncertainty. Calibration weight
Choosing a weight around half of the highest weight to be measured,
It will ensure that the total measurement error spreads and therefore becomes smaller.
Installing the calibration weight more than the loadcell capacity will cause permanent damage to the loadcell.
It may cause damage or serious permanent signal degradation. Specified in the features
Failure to connect loadcells in number and features may cause measurement or device errors.
it could be.
After all the arrangements are made, enter the P0 menu before starting the calibration.
The calibration weight must be made in kg from the parameter. This
The calibration result will be scaled according to the parameter, so the correct setting will be final.
It is extremely important.
Calibration consists of 2 stages: offset and gain.
calibration. This 2-stage calibration determines the measuring range and linearizes it.
is necessary to do. Slip calibration in case of minimum weight i.e.
It is done when the loadcell is empty. To do this, take the load off the Loadcell and
Make sure that it is stable and as vibration-free as possible. Later
Set the “P8” parameter to “1” from the menu. When you press the OK button, the screen
“OFFSEt” text will appear. When the calibration is finished, go back to the “P8” menu title.
will return. Gain calibration must then be performed. For this
The calibration weight is loaded onto the Loadcell and ensures a stable and vibration-free environment.
is provided. Then the “P9” parameter is set to “1” and the OK button is pressed. On the screen
The text “Gain” appears. When the calibration is completed, you will return to the “P9” menu title.
If the calibration has been done correctly, the calibration
Its weight is shown as 0 when empty. If you are not getting accurate results, calibrate
repeat. If you still don’t get the correct results, check the links, parameters,
Check calibration weight, Loadcell, working environment

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