Frequently Asked Questions



1. Press ← on the display for 5 seconds to start calibration.
2. Enter the 4-digit password (password 1111)
3. After the password has been entered, press ← once
4. To enter the calibration parameter, type ( 611 ) using the keys and press the ← key.
5. When the ( UNLOAD SCALE ) message appears, remove all loads on the platform and then
Press ←.
6. The filling controller automatically starts to learn the empty (zero) value of the platform and
The [WAIT] message appears on the display, indicating that the transaction process continues.
7. After zero setting, regarding the test weight to be used for calibration (LOAD SCALE)
( 30.00 ) message appears on the display. The weight value to be used is typed using the keys and the weight
value is placed on the scale, press the ← button
8. While the gain is being adjusted, [WAIT] message appears on the display for 10 seconds.
9. If the calibration is done correctly, the next parameter (612) will appear on the screen and click “ESC” to exit here.
Press the button 3 times and press the (SAVE: YES) button on the screen.

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