Frequently Asked Questions

How to Calibrate Bx3?


When you press the F – Mode – →0← – Mode – Enter buttons in sequence, 0– appears on the screen.
When the Mode Button is pressed 3 times, 3– appears on the screen.
Press enter once and 30-
301 by pressing enter twice
When you press enter 3 times, zero cl appears.
After making sure that the inside of the shroud is empty, press Enter.
We will have done the Zero Calibration. After waiting for a while, a message appears on the screen.
When the value comes out, 20.00Kg is put into the shroud. 20.00 on the screen
is written and the Enter button is pressed. When SAVE appears on the screen, press Enter.
is printed. The calibration process is completed. F to exit menu
Press the button.

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