Precision CCD Sensors
Capability to capture, without missing any product
The optical color separator distinguishes poor color quality particles in grain products
or pulses which have passed through pre-cleaning stage from good products. In this
way, the quality of the sifted and processed product is increased by 99.8%. The
quality of the product obtained by the screening and distinguishing with the color
separating machine is the latest point in today’s technology.
Snapshot Feature, capability to protect faults within all electronic components and
display failure on the screen,
Capability to measure input voltage quality and value and display on the screen
Ability to select stain size up to 0.04 mm
54 mm lens is used with each camera,
12.1 inch high resolution touch screen is used,
Long-lasting LED lighting technology and ability to adjust light intensity over the
Scratch resistant channels
Internal fan system is available for cooling electronic cards
High performance. Stable feeding, rejection rate and accuracy improved at high rate.
Fracture rate have reduced in favor of the customer by providing low fracture, fewer
movements and fewer crashes rates in the materials.
High capacity. Without channel limitation, the entire band is fully utilized and the
capacity is much higher.
Appropriate change of band.
High reliability. Various monitoring tools are used.
Less space is required for installation.
High output of materials is also suitable for installation of other equipment on the