About Us

Our company which started its activities in the year 1988 presents technology, automation and energy production and saving solutions on the areas need by the world and by our country with its 180 specialized personnel on 28.000 square meters area in total as 11.000 m2 is closed at present. ENDÜSTRİYEL (Industrial) which exports 65% of its production reached totally sixty one (61) countries until today and started producing some very successful works and solutions in its own sector by means of exceeding the boundaries of our country.

The customer-based quality approach which is fictionalized on the Research & Development and design by ENDUSTRIYEL is also continually inspected by the international supervision corporations. Our Enterprise, which has implemented in its own structure the TSE, CE, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, Ghost and Type Test standards, is continuing its restructuring according to the ISO 16949 norms for the purpose of collaboration at the international dimension on 85.000 square meters area for which the investments are continuing.
ENDUSTRIYEL which deserved “Enterprise with highest number of patents” rewards because of its Research & Development and design studies and works carried out as well as “Enterprise which provides maximum amount of foreign exchange for its own sector” in Konya province on account of its studies carried out so far for many times has completed the TechnoCity Research & Development projects of TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) for three (3) times successfully and thus considered the Research & Development and design activities in innovative nature as the main locomotive of the enterprise.
Our works are intensified on electricity panel, cable trays, extraction scales, automatic dampening systems, flow balancers, bagging scales and bagging systems, automatic bag fixing systems, MCC control boards, distribution boards, capacitor boards, PLC boards, piano type boards, optional custom panels with PLC software, SCADA systems, the automation applications which could be managed through internet in general. In particular, for the flour, semolina, feed and macaroni/paste factories;
It produces technological and effective solutions on the subjects of
• PLC and PC control systems of these boards as well as the MCC electricity boards.
• PLC+PC controlled Full Automatic and multiple extraction control systems, 
• PLC controlled full automatic flour, bran and pulse bagging scale systems 
• Automatic flow balancer system 
• Automatic blending system 
• Automation systems of the flour, semolina, feed and macaroni/pasta factories
In addition to this, apart from the sector solutions which are listed above,
It also presents some turnkey developed technological solutions with any sector on the subjects of,
• automation systems of  PVC profile and pipe manufacturers
• energy recycle transformation systems in the industrial plants
• solar panels and inverter production
• LED lighting systems
• installation of  solar power plants